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姓名:林小华 Howard X. Lin
职位:Professor of International Business & Entrepreneurship Director of International Research Institute Ryerson’s Ted Rogers School of Managemen
创业信念:Life motto: Walk by faith – not by sight.

Dr. Howard Lin is Professor of International Business & Entrepreneurship and Director of International Research Institute at Ryerson’s Ted Rogers School of Management. Howard is active international business research community. He is current Chair of the Academy of International Business’s Canada Chapter and former Chair of the Administrative Sciences Association of Canada’s International Business Division. He was the founder of the Centre for the Study of Canada-Asia Business at the Odette School of Business, University of Windsor. A 2006 report by Michigan State University has ranked Howard among the top 40 most prolific scholars in International Business research based on cumulative publication counts in five leading international business journals. Dr. Lin is a leader in immigrant & transnational entrepreneurship research in Canada. He currently leads two multi-year research projects funded by the Social Sciences and Humanity Research Council on immigrant and transnational entrepreneurship, respectively. He and his Ryerson team have recently completed an exploratory research linking immigrant entrepreneurs to cross-border innovation, which was funded by the Asia Pacific Foundation. On the related topics he has presented in international conferences such as the United Nations-Academy of Management Joint Forum on Business as an Agent of World Benefit and the Canada-China Symposium on Social Inclusion and Economic Development, both in 2006. He has served as the Ontario regional director for the Canadian Council for Small Business & Entrepreneurship and recently elected as its Vice President-Research. Dr. Lin’s business experience includes his roles as an economist with the Bank of China, Director of International Business Assistance at the Center for International Trade Development (affiliated with the U.S. Department of Agriculture) (Stillwater), Co-Founder and Principal Partner of the GDLin Consultants, LLC. (Philadelphia), and President of the Link Pacific Group (Toronto). Dr. Lin holds a BA in political science (Central Nationality University, China), MA in economics (Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, China), and PhD in Marketing/International Business (Oklahoma State University, USA). He taught Executive MBA at Pennsylvania State University (Great Valley, Pennsylvania, USA) and MBA at Windsor University (Windsor, Canada). The most satisfying things ever done: Teaching primary school students in a state farm in Heilongjiang, Northeast China Submitting a proposal for establishing a wholly owned subsidiary to consolidate Bank of China’s European businesses prior to the formation of EU while doing internship with Barclays Bank in London, UK. Perspectives on business and personal development in the next 5-10 years: Making CCTE the most useful platform for transnational entrepreneurship Setting up a transnational business venture with friends who share the same vision

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