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姓名:苗兴东 Michael Miao
职位:Founder & CEO, Gowoo.com

Founder & CEO, Gowoo.com 2007-present Beijing China. Gowoo.com is a leading shopping search engine in China which provides the accurate shopping related information. Founder & CEO Kennedy College Inc. 2001-2006 Toronto Canada Kennedy College is a leading career trainging college in Toronto. Kennedy has trained thousands students since beginning, Kennedy College has good reputation in offering trainging in IT, Finance, Quality Control etc. Founder Sheng kang trading Company 1997-2000 guangzhou Sheng Kang trading Inc is an import and export company that focuses on electric and instrument equipment. Sales & Sales Manager Keystone Inc. 1994-1996 Guangzhou China Keystone is a world leading valve manufacturing company and now is part of Tyco International Inc. Graduate from Tianjin University in 1992.Major in Automation

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