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Welcome to Su-Tong Science and Technology Park - A Wolrd-Class Entrepreneurship Park
The Su-Tong Science and Technology Park (STP) is a joint venture of Singapore-Suzhou Industrial Park (SIP) - Nantong Economic and Technological Development Area (NETDA). Located in the nearest north of Su-tong Yangtze River Bridge, STP is situated in the center of of the "small golden triangle" of Shanghai, Suzhou, Nantong and the one-hour metropolitan ring of Shanghai and Suzhou.
Based on the experience of the experts from China and Singapore in building an international city, STP will be built into an ecological and new high-tech city with a planned popupation of 300,000. It will focus on the areas such as energy-saving environmental protection and new energy, biotech, electronics and informatics, new materials and modern service industry. STP is a State-level Park and will be able provide companies with various benefits including tax incentive authorized by the State.
Nantong is considered as the first industrialized city with sophisticated education system in modern Chinese history. It currently has 6 high education institutes and 29 professional colleges with more than 50,000 students.
Su-Tong Science and Technology Park (STP) is the High Standard Start-up Fort at Yangtze Delta. When launching your business in China, let STP be your partner!
We especially welcome sectors from Canada in energy and environmental technology, information and communications technology (ICT), biotech, automotive, construction, and services including educational services.
Canada Contact:
Don Chen
Phone: 647-863-3855

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